Testing laboratory for glass and building products
- testing of physical and mechanical properties

Testing Laboratory No. 1139 is accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation for testing of  glass and building glass products and other materials, replacing glass. They conducted tests of the basic  soda lime silicate glass products (e.g. float glass, patterned, channel shaped and drawn glass) coated glass, bent glass, toughened safety glass and laminated glass, heat-strengthened glass, filmed glass, acid-etched glass etc. The lab tests also insulating glass units, mirrors, glass blocks and pavers, insulating mats and sheets from glass fibres, plastic sheets and other materials. Further tests glass containers and beverage glass.

Testing focuses primarily on the physical and mechanical properties. Cooperates with a number of other laboratories, to offer a much wider range of tests for glass.

In addition the laboratory deals in standardization activities - comments on draft standards EN and ISO standards, provides the translations into Czech language.

The list of common tests:

Image defects and appearance
Image determination of dimensions, deformation, deflection under load, compressibility
Image determination of dew point temperature, moisture measurement
Image tests of water adsorption
Image determination of mass and volume weight
Image determination of light and solar characteristics
Image determination of thermal resistance and thermal transmittance
Image tests of high temperature resistance and resistance to sudden temperature change
Image tests of resistance to hiugh humidity and climate changes
Image radiation tests
Image tests of moisture penetration

Image determination of gas concentration and gas leakage rate
Image adhesion and cohesion tests
Image tests of resistance to chemicals and cleaning agents

Image fragmentation tests
Image tests of volatile content
Image determination of internal stress

Image tests of manual attack resistance
Image tests of impact resistance(lamps, automotive glasses, electric appliances)
Image pendulum impact tests
Image bullet resistance tests
Image testing of compressive -, bending-, tensile-, shear- stregth

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Request for testing of IGUs (form .doc)
Handling process for complaints



    Laboratory accreditation

      Image     Accreditation certificate
      Image     Accreditation range
      Image     Methods adopted in the frame of flexible accreditation range